British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)

These exhibitions are typically organised by a single photography club or by a number of clubs in the same geographic area that get together to organise a national exhibition. There is a self help group called the British Photographic Exhibition (BPE) which has 19 member exhibitions. The BPE was setup to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and the members share ideas, promote each others exhibitions and generally work together to promote competitive photography.

The Collector, Angela Adams

The 22 members of the BPE currently are:

1. Southport National Open Exhibition of Photography
2. Clay Cross
3. Vale of Evesham National Photographic Exhibition
4. Rushden Open Photographic Exhibition 
5. Basingstoke Camera Club Exhibition 
6. Great Barr PS Panels Exhibition
7. Hornbill Challenge
8. Robin Hood Open Digital Exhibition 
9. Cotswold Monochrome Salon
10. GDPU Digital Exhibition 
11. Beyond Group Open Exhibition
12. Great Barr Open Exhibition
13. SRGB Group Print Exhibition
14. Dingwall National Projected Image Exhibition
15. Havant National Open Exhibition
16. Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition
17. Yardley Photographic Society Exhibition
18. Bromsgrove Open Exhibition of Photography
19. Guernsey Salon of Photography
20. Frome Wessex Salon of Photography
21. Solihull Open Exhibition
22. Bebington Salon of Photography

Crown awards and distinctions
The National Exhibitions which are members of the British Photographic Exhibitions offer a Crown Award system designed to enable successful exhibition photographers to gain additional recognition. Exhibitors are invited to aggregate their acceptances in the affiliated exhibitions and, upon reaching the accepted aggregate, to apply without charge for a Crown Rating Award. Each successful applicant for an award will receive a Certificate and a Ribbon and will be able to use the letters acknowledging their award after their name.

BPE1 Crown Award – 25 points
BPE2 Crown Award – 50 points
BPE3 Crown Award – 100 points
BPE4 Crown Award – 200 points
BPE5 Crown Award – 300 points

Those who achieve the top crown award rating BPE5* are then invited to aggregate acceptances and awards in the member exhibitions and upon reaching the accepted aggregate to apply, without charge, for Associateship ABPE and Fellowship FBPE. The successful applicant will receive a Certificate and Medal and will be able to use the letters acknowledging their award after their name.





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