Featured Artist: Alan Ranger LRPS

Words by John Powell
Alan took up photography in 2006/2007 when he returned from a short stint of travel in South America. Frustrated to come back with a stack of images that were nothing more than a record of where he had travelled, and not the memories and emotions he had felt whilst there, he decided to try and work out what was missing in the shots he took. 
The first year following his travels was an exploration and learning curve of how to master the camera controls and use all the elements of exposure and DOF to capture something more than a “snap-shot”.

Alan Ranger

[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_blea-tarn.jpg]00Blea Tarn
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_bones.jpg]00Bones
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_derwent-autumn.jpg]00Derwent at Autumn
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_derwent-marina.jpg]10Derwent Marina
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_desole.jpg]10Desole
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_happisburgh-rise.jpg]20Happisburgh Rise
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_happisburgh-sea-defenses.jpg]10Happisburgh Sea Defenses
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_mouse.jpg]10Mouse
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_neighbours.jpg]10Neighbours
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_river-of-contemplation.jpg]10River of Contemplation
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_river-of-snow.jpg]10River of Snow
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_smile.jpg]10Smile
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_solstice-solitude.jpg]10Solstice Solitude
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_sparrowhawk-and-woodpigeon-3.jpg]30Sparrowhawk with Woodpigeon
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/alan-ranger/thumbs/thumbs_the-ball-was-in.jpg]20The Ball Was In
Best Viewed Full Screen  ..  All Images Copyright © Alan Ranger LRPS

The last two years have been equally challenging but not in mastering the controls any more but finding the right light, texture, colour and mood in which to shoot.  Alan always tries to put his own perspective on a shot whether its scene that everyone recognises instantly or merely a view that most people walk past frequently and don’t take a second glance at. 
In challenging himself to improve he joined the DAPA Group who frequently given him honest feedback and support which has led to his own ambition to achieve recognition in National and International Exhibitions.

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A super selection Alan, and some I’ve never seen.


A collection to be proud of!!


Lovely shots Alan.. good to read about your photographic journey.


You have been a great help to me Alan since I first met you on flickr. I think we have both kicked each other in the right direction regarding our photography.

You know i love your work.


thanks everyone, much appreciated :)


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