Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012

Two DAPA members achieve a full-house!

Roger Evans and Alan Ranger entered this circuit and both achieved an amazing  100% conversion rate.  Roger scored the full 32 points with 8 images, and Alan scored the full 20 points, with 5 images.  Well done boys!


[img src=]40Hartland Fingers by Alan Ranger LRPS
[img src=]160Cockshafer by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]60Ullswater by Alan Ranger LRPS
[img src=]60Mating Green Veined Whites by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]50Desole by Alan Ranger LRPS
[img src=]40Down and Dirty by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]40Purple Hairstreak by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]30The Ball Was In by Alan Ranger LRPS
[img src=]50Flying High by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]60Hang a Left by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]50Silver Studded Blues Mating by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]60Over and Out by Roger Evans DPAGB
[img src=]60Hellebore by Alan Ranger LRPS

For those that haven’t entered a circuit, let me explain what happens…  a set of images are entered and judged a number of times, at a number of different salons.  So in this exhibition all images entered were viewed and scored at Linz, Graz, Feldkirch and Wien in Austria – if an author entered 4 images, then they had a possible score of 16 for those for images, with 8 a possible score of  32… and so on.



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