Featured Artist July 2011


Words by John Powell and Angela Adams

John’s involvement with photography has lasted for more than a quarter of a century, although schooled in the use of film he embraced the digital age very early on: ‘I’m a discerning Black Country photographer who sees digital imaging as a tool rather than a box of tricks’ says John.

A photographer whose images are linked by a natural instinct for subject arrangement and attention to detail, John’s approach to photography is spontaneous – seeking to recapture for the viewer the same mood and atmosphere that drew him to the subject in the first place.

John Powell

[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_1john-powell-dpagb-days-of-despair-26.jpg]10Days of Despair
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_2john-powell-dpagb-muddy-hell.jpg]20Muddy Hell!
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_3john-powell-dpagb-mud-sweat-and-glee-25.jpg]10Mud, Sweat & Glee
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_4john-powell-dpagb-contemplation.jpg]10Contemplation
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_5john-powell-dpagb-monty.jpg]30Monty
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_6john-powell-dpagb-dogs-of-war.jpg]30Dogs of War
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_7john-powell-dpagb-firestarter-23.jpg]180Fire Starter
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_8john-powell-dpagb-ooh-that-was-tough-24.jpg]30Ooh! That Was Tough
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_10john-powell-dpagb-waiting-in-vain.jpg]10Waiting in Vain
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_11john-powell-dpagb-to-young-too-fly.jpg]10To Young to Fly
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_12john-powell-dpagb-urban-existence-25.jpg]10Urban Existence
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_13john-powell-dpagb-we-can-make-it-25.jpg]20We Can Make It
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_14john-powell-dpagb-anne-a-brief-encounter.jpg]20Anne; A Brief Encounter
[img src=http://dapagroup.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/john-powell/thumbs/thumbs_15john-powell-dpagb-theres-no-going-back-23.jpg]10There's No Going Back

‘As an enthusiastic exhibitor,’ says John, ‘I’ve been fortunate in having many of my images accepted into British Photographic Exhibitions, and am currently in pursuit of 29 more acceptances in order to claim my 5th BPE Crown Award, which represents 300 acceptances in UK National exhibitions.’

In December, 2010 John was awarded his DPAGB (Distinction Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) and shortly after in March, 2011, successfully gained his EFIAP (Excellence) distinction with the International Federation of Photographic Art.

As the founder member of DAPA, John has worked tirelessly for the group for almost a decade and  continues to inject his spirit and pursuit for excellence.  We’re proud to have him.  Thanks JP and congratulations on and outstanding catalogue of achievements!



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Amazing set of photographs. I particularly like the “mud run”.


Perhaps now you’re back in the UK Ally, you could go along and photograph this too! It’s the Tough Guy competition.


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