Mud Runner “Ice Breaker”, 2011

MUD RUNNER .. arguably the toughest off road run in Britain.

Unlike “Tough Guy” – all MUD RUNNER events are PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDLY and FREE to none commercial photographers.

Based at Eastnor Castle, Ledbury, Herefordshire the first of 3 mud runner events takes place on Sunday 6th February at around 11am. This run is billed as the ICEBREAKER, 10 arduous country kilometres around the Eastnor Estate using the same tracks that Land Rovers have been tested and developed on.

The run is on a variety of terrain and conditions from rolling grassland (well a little bit anyway) to mud, wet mud and sticky mud. The course includes hills, water filled pits and muddy banks.

Then there’s a 20km of off road mountain biking around the estate and edges of the Malvern Hills, a good mix of open tracks, paths and single track.

All topped off with a cheeky 3km run around the castle lake and maybe a little stream to finish in the castle courtyard.

That’s the official wording of the event, from a photographers prospective things are a little different.

First of all I must inform all photographers who plan to cover this event in the future – This is not TOUGH GUY! The best of the action shots are to be had deep in the woods, a good three quarters of an hour walk from the Castle grounds.

The number of runners taking part in the event was around 120, which included both men and women, not four or five thousand a Tough Guy event attracts. Consequently, you need to find the best part of the coarse that suits your needs, picture wise, and stick to it because time doesn’t permit you to wonder from one photo point to another.

Although the event is billed as the Mud Runner there was very little evidence of it! And where there was a large proportion of runners seemed to shy away for it, preferring to take the easy route around it instead of through it! Not exactly what we photographers were expecting.

All Images Copyright © John Powell, 2011 .. All Rights Reserved

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  1. Olala! I can already smel the mud. It such an exciting feeling dashing through this muds.

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