England takes Gold in FIAP monochrome biennial

Several months ago I was approached by the UK/FIAP liaison officer, asking me to send a small selection of my monochrome portraits so that one of them could be used as part of a 10 image panel from the UK in the forthcoming FIAP monochrome biennial, to be held in Spain, 2012.

Just to be asked was a great honour for me, let alone have work chosen. Nonetheless, my multi-award winning image, “We Can Make It” was chosen to represent the UK.

The biennial competition was judged on the 14th March, 2012.

1st Ireland (World Cup) with -188 pts

2nd England (Gold Medal) with – 172 pts

3rd Spain (Silver Medal) with – 167 pts

Other participating photographers in the England panel for the 31st FIAP monochrome biennial were:

Sue Moore, Steve McDonald, Dave Butler, Leigh Preston, Bob Moore, Peter Gennard, Denise Kinch, Robert Powell and Alan Millward.

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John’s involvement with photography has lasted for more than a quarter of a century, although schooled in the use of film John embraced the digital age very early on. He describes himself as a discerning photographer who sees digital imaging as a tool rather than a box of tricks, a photographer whose images are linked by a natural instinct for subject arrangement and attention to detail. His approach to photography is spontaneous – seeking to recapture for the viewer the same mood and atmosphere that drew him to the subject in the first place.
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