Basingstoke C.C. Open Digital Exhibition, 2012

Basingstoke Camera Club is one of four new clubs to join the British Photographic Exhibition (BPE) circuit in 2012, which now brings the total number of British Photographic Exhibition to nineteen. Acceptances gained in these exhibitions count towards BPE Crown Awards or Distinctions depending on what level you’re at.

Not having entered this exhibition before gave me a good opportunity to send out some of my better images, in the hope of bagging a couple of awards, which are vitally important when aiming for BPE distinctions.

There's No Going Back - PAGB Bronze Medal


I entered three sections, Open General, Open Monochrome and Portraits, twelve images in total. Of those twelve nine where accepted, including a Bronze Medal for “There’s No Going Back“, two Highly Commended images, A Sign of Life in the mono section and “Ooh! That was Tough” in the portrait section. My fourth award, a commend went to, “Mud, Sweat and Glee“, also in the portrait section.

Mud, Sweat and Glee - Commended Image


This now puts me back on track, having set myself a goal of obtaining at least one award from every five acceptances gained.

Ooh! That Was Tough - Highly Commended Image


The criteria set by the BPE for gaining their “Associateship” (ABPE) is a minimum of 100 acceptances, including no fewer than 20 awards, from 10 different images.

A Sign of Life - Highly Commended Image


These are the nine images that I had accepted. Titles, scores and awarded images can be seen by clicking on the “i” (information) button within the slide show.


Basingstoke C.C Digital Exhibition, 2012

[img src=]00A Sign of Life, scored 12
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]00Days of Despair, scored 12
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]00Mud, Sweat and Glee, scored 14
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]10Muddy Water Blues, scored 12
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]00Ooh! That was Tough, scored 13
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]00There's No Going Back, scored 13
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]00Urban Existence, scored 12
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]10Waiting in Vain, scored 12
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved
[img src=]00We Can Make It, scored 12
John Powell © 2012 All Rights Reserved


To see all the award-winning images log on to the Basingstoke website.

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