– Results is an on-line photographic exhibition organised by the Vale of Evesham Camera Club, a member of the British Photographic Exhibition (BPE) circuit.

Acceptances in this exhibition count towards BPE Crown Awards and Distinctions.


Having gained my 5th Crown Award in October, 2011 I am now working towards my Associateship (ABPE) distinction.

Although I didn’t figure amongst the award winners this year I did manage to gain 5 acceptances.

The exhibition is now showing at:

About admin

John’s involvement with photography has lasted for more than a quarter of a century, although schooled in the use of film John embraced the digital age very early on. He describes himself as a discerning photographer who sees digital imaging as a tool rather than a box of tricks, a photographer whose images are linked by a natural instinct for subject arrangement and attention to detail. His approach to photography is spontaneous – seeking to recapture for the viewer the same mood and atmosphere that drew him to the subject in the first place.
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