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+Infrared Photography

08th Jun 2014


Lenses Suitable for Infrared Photography

We all have our favourite lenses, but when it comes to Infrared photography lenses that performed well for visible photography might not perform so well for Infrared. Whilst searching the...



20th May 2014


Infrared Photography with a Nikon D200

My first encounter with infrared photography was with Kodak Hi-speed infrared film back in the late eighties. I exposed several rolls of this emulsion but sadly never got the results...

Infrared Converted 995 with WC-E63 (24mm) Lens

+Black Country

20th Mar 2014


Infrared Wednesday

I charged up the batteries for my infrared converted Nikon 995 and took it out with me on my lunch time walk yesterday. The weather wasn’t all that good and...



28th Jan 2014


Tough Guy 2014 .. The Year of the Great War Horse

Now in its 27th year, the Tough Guy Challenge has been widely described as, “the toughest race in the world”, this gruelling marathon, come obstacle course, zig-zags across a 600 acre...



12th Jan 2014


Nikon FM2 #7089108

Well! After what seemed like an impossible search I have finally found a decent Nikon FM2. I must point out this is an original FM2 and not the newer FM2N, which...


+Black Country

02nd Dec 2013


Street Photography

I’ve not been out with my camera for ages so decided on a day out in Birmingham to go see the new library and do a bit of street photography....

Nikon D1X


18th Aug 2013


Time Stands Still for No One . .

2001, the year Microsoft bought us Windows XP, Apple delivered us the iPod and Nikon reigned supreme by giving us the D1X.  Today, all three products could be considered dead,...

Nikon FM circa 1977


05th Apr 2013


Nikon FM (1977)

This is my latest find; an early Nikon FM (Serial Number 2194502). The FM was the successor of the Nikkormat range of cameras, labelled by Nikon as the first compact reflex camera....

From Russia with Love

I’m forever on the lookout for the cameras I once owned when I first started out in photography. Here’s one I picked up the other day for just £20 –...

Life! Back on the Streets .. f4 @ 1/400 sec ISO 400


30th Mar 2013


Fuji X100

For several years now I’ve been looking to own a high quality compact camera, not to replace my DSLR, just something small, light and manageable. My first purchase was the...

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